KC FAITH Initiative 

Fostering Action and Improvements To Health


The KC FAITH Initiative is a partnership between academic researchers, the African American faith community, health service organizations and community organizations.  The goal of this Initiative is to plan, develop, and implement, culturally and religiously tailored African American church-based multilevel health promotion programs and interventions to improve the health of the African American community.

African Americans experience a multitude of health disparities, including shorter life expectancy and higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, HIV/ AIDS and other STDs, asthma, influenza, pneumonia, low birth weights, and infant mortality. Our goal is to develop translatable, sustainable, faith-based health interventions to reduce health disparities in the African American community.


The mission of the KC FAITH Initiative is to reduce health disparities in the African American community by promoting healthy behaviors among African Americans across the continuum of care from prevention to diagnosis and treatment.

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